IOSync Systems

Keeping Communities & Residents Connected

We connect residents and property staff members through your company’s own branded smartphone app. Using the app, residents have quick and easy access to smart services designed with their convenience in mind.

Our services are available to various segments of the housing industry, allowing companies to offer their residents with control, communication, convenience, and the ability to sync their homes with the rest of their lives.

Take a Smarter Approach with IOSync Systems

Our IOSync systems couldn’t make smart living any easier! With our smart technologies and easy-to-use app, your community can discover digitized living and new forms of efficiency. Increase your property’s value and offer residents a new method of living in sync with IOSync systems!

Syncing Numerous Sectors, Including:

• Multifamily Housing
• Student Housing
• Assisted Living / Retirement / CCRC
• Resorts
• Venues

Third-Party Integration
Connect favorite smart products straight to the hub for even more control!

IOSync Systems For Smart Living

Smart Home Hub

Residents can control thermostat settings, locks, lights, and more with our smart technologies.

WiFi Support

Easily connect residents with technicians straight from the app for immediate support.

Notification System

Residents never miss a beat with messages by text, email, or straight from our app.

Community News

Keep residents up-to-date in real-time with the latest updates from your community news feed.

Maintenance Requests

Residents can complete maintenance requests straight from their smartphones.

Rent Payments

Direct rent payments for seamless processing.

Package Delivery

Residents can receive real-time notifications as packages arrive and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Desktop Interface

Access additional controls, analytics, and more!

Smart Properties Partner with IOSync

With IOSync systems, you can offer residents a new way to live—and boost revenue potential in the process.
By partnering with IOSync, you can:

Access the Property Dashboard

From the Property Dashboard, communities can access IOSync’s insightful activity data to see what devices residents use, when, and how much it costs. This allows property managers to estimate expenditures and recognize potential problems in occupied units straight from their desktop or smartphone. Property managers can also control thermostats, lights, and outlets in vacant units, ensuring every opportunity for efficiency. As a result, you have easy access to important data, control within reach, and the ability to keep residents happy, comfortable, and in sync!

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Our world is constantly developing new innovations and smarter, more efficient methods for every day activities. With IOSync, you can offer residents the ability to control and automate their lives before they start searching for it elsewhere.

Discover New Revenue Opportunities

As those innovations offer residents new ways to live, they also generate new ways for the real estate industry to expand. IOSync connects homebuilders and their residents through efficient, easy-access channels, revealing untapped opportunities and endless possibilities for growth.

Experience Ease

Setting up new residents couldn’t be easier! After moving in, residents simply download the app and sync everything to their preferences. When they move out, you don’t have to lift a finger—the system resets everything for you!

Reduce Costs & Concerns

Our support staff is on-call to remedy any issues you or your residents may experience, so you don’t have to worry! By partnering with IOSync, you reduce costs—and stress—with our support team here to help.

Encourage Efficiency

Our automated technologies help residents cut energy costs and save money straight from their smartphones, helping you attract customers who consider energy usage and efficiency a priority.